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Top 5 Tips to Get Campus Placement in Top Companies at Thapar University?

Discussion in 'Top Engineering Colleges' started by Ashutosh Rana, Jun 24, 2020.

  1. Ashutosh Rana

    Ashutosh Rana Member

    Tips for College placement

    1. Learning Coding Language- It is important that you should learn at least one coding language. It will provide you an advantage over your rival students.

    2. Have an overview of Company- The companies come at Thapar University are top-rated and have a great record. So make sure you read all about the company and selection process. They may ask you about it.

    3. Training- Training or internship is most Important. If you have a bit of knowledge about your work then it will help you as an advantage.

    4. Be professional- If you will be professional at every step of the interview, it will create a positive image in front of HR of the company.

    Keep eyes on Current Affairs- Read newspapers and updated with the news, happening across the world.
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  2. Here are a few tips and tricks that can make the experience way more rewarding as well as bolster your confidence for a smother session.

    1. Forewarned is forearmed : Most of our fears as people are simply based on the unknown. This means that as long as you have little or no information about the interview then you are bound to mess up more.
    2.Career Fairs: These fairs are a great opportunity for
    interview practice. The recruiters at the career fairs are usually part of the team that interviews potential employees
    3.Supplements : Claiming to be knowledgeable about a particular subject is pretty easy during interviews however nothing validates a candidate more than supporting evidence or ‘supplements’.
    4.Group Skills: A growing number of employers have adopted the group interviewing technique. It’s therefore pretty easy to be overshadowed in such a setup by the more charismatic potentials. Be ready to fight for your own audience and stand out from the rest.

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