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Top 10 Engineering Colleges in Chennai

Discussion in 'Top Engineering Colleges' started by Ram Kumar, Jul 3, 2019.

  1. Ram Kumar

    Ram Kumar New Member

    Alpha College is one of the Top 10 engineering colleges in Chennai, which presently runs seven educational institutions. It Runs under the guidance of Dr. Mrs.Grace George and Mrs.Suja George. who believe that small beginnings lead to greater achievements. To improve the job readiness of its engineering students, Alpha College of Engineering now offers employability program integrated into its curriculum. This helps them become familiar with industry requirements and practices and gives them an edge in placement opportunities.

    For students of Mechanical, ECE, CS and allied branches of engineering, a course on Industrial Automation and Welding and Fabrication certified by SwissMEM, Switzerland is being offered.

    Why GEEP?

    GEEP bridges the training gap between the curriculum and the latest industry trends. Training backed by industry experts

    The syllabus is in-line with the current trend and industry requirements, Employment-oriented, Trained Team of certified and qualified faculty with years of experience. A trusted name among academicians and in the industry

    On the Job training(OJT) makes them industry ready from day one of course completion Certificate course has 75% Practical’s and 25% theory.

    What the Student Gains?

    Apart from the main course, students can undergo additional training on topics relevant to their core domain at no additional cost.


    Mechanical students undergo a Certificate course in Welding and Fabrication which is aimed at training Mechanical Engineering students in various fabrication methodologies used in industry applying welding techniques and sheet metal technology. The student will undergo rigorous training in welding processes, their dos and don’ts, setup of the workplace for safe welding and fabrication processes, measurement and assessment methodologies of welding. Advanced Practical training is imparted on world-class equipment from Fronius with visits to their fully equipped training center.

    ECE & CSC:

    ECE and CSC branches undergo a Certificate course in Industrial Automation-Mechatronics, certified by SWISSMEM of Switzerland, which deals with Technical drawing study and generation, Workshop calculations, Material science, Benchwork, Welding and assembly, Conventional Turning & Milling, Manufacturing methodologies, Mechatronics basics, PLC & Automation, Panel Wiring. The course is designed with 75% practical’s which are conducted at excellent labs like those of FESTO and FRONIUSwhich replicate the latest industrial environment and technology, and 25% of a theory which is seamlessly integrated into the curriculum.


    IT students get trained in the latest trending software in the industry such as C, C++ programming, Python advanced concepts of machine learning and neural networks Database related software like MYSQL, MSSQL, etc., Web-based technologies like PHP, Networking certification from Cisco — CCNA module 1 and module 2 Internet of things. All these topics are assessed and certified by SWISSMEM of Switzerland.

    Enquire to know more about Alpha College of Engineering, admission process, Campus placements, Entrepreneurship cell. Take the first step for a better future. For more information visit
  2. jyoti das

    jyoti das Member

  3. pawan_d

    pawan_d New Member

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