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PES College Bangalore

Discussion in 'Top Engineering Colleges' started by You_2345, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. You_2345

    You_2345 New Member

    I want to know about PES college Bangalore for higher education and came across many colleges in India. I am interested about PES College Bangalore. I have done some research online and I want to know more about them. I am interested in doing engineering from Computer science.

    This is the course overview on PES website ‘Department of Computer Science and Engineering at PESIT was established in the year 1988. The aggressive academic rigor in the autonomous program with a high quality curriculum designed especially in association with highly accomplished professionals from Industry and Research Organizations has rendered this program as one of the most sought after undergraduate programs in the country.
    The department has very highly accomplished faculty, including Ph.D.s from premier institutes in India and abroad. This rich global exposure of the faculty to the state of the art technologies in various domains has helped the students to enjoy the best learning experience. Owing to very innovative initiatives introduced into the undergraduate and postgraduate programs, students graduating from the CSE department, get into the best of the IT Industries.

    Having reached a significant milestone in offering very high quality UG and PG programs, the next natural migration is in the research domain. With most faculty members being research active, the department has achieved a significant research status in terms of quality Journal/Conference publications. The department takes pride in engaging with research organizations and the corporate world in terms of funded projects. The efforts of the faculty have brought in research projects from organizations/agencies such as AICTE, VTU, SAP Labs, and Intel. There is also an industry funded collaborative Ph.D. program with Maastricht University, Netherlands, in addition to the Ph.D. related activities at the Research Centre of the CSE department.

    With this strong focus on research, there is a new phenomenon of the passion exhibited by UG and PG students to involve in funded research projects. These initiatives have created opportunities for our students to collaborate with premier foreign universities even during their UG/PG studies. The department will continue its strive to accelerate its research initiatives which will naturally feed into quality teaching.
    Can somebody provide any information about PES College Bangalore?
  2. Chitt0909

    Chitt0909 New Member

    i have heard about them, PES is a good college in bangalore. They are offering whole range of courses, so course also matters. their engineering and pharmacy is good.
  3. indiaedu

    indiaedu New Member

  4. vinash

    vinash Member

    oh yes it is !
    PES College Bangalore is one of the best institute in banglore and in south regions....
  5. abhishek0987

    abhishek0987 Member

  6. jyoti das

    jyoti das Member

    Last edited: Jan 2, 2020

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