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Need Urgent Help. Computer Course.

Discussion in 'Career Counseling' started by Halloween, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Halloween

    Halloween New Member

    Hi, im a highschool class 8 dropout from india. Im looking to study to have a computer related job since im pretty good with computers.
    However i dont want to go back to school and finish my education, i feel its a bit too late for that now. Can anyone suggest me some courses that i can take without having to finish higher secondary?
    I prefer Animation or Graphics Designer or Visual Effects artist or something of that sort. However im willing to take up programming language related courses too if they are the only ones available.
    So can someone suggest me some courses from which i can get good job opportunities, and which are avialable for class 8 dropouts? Thanks in advance. :)
  2. Royaluni

    Royaluni Administrator

    i don't want to demotivate you, but i don't think that job prospects would be great for you. Though you can get jobs but i will suggest you to learn computer based upon your interests and do something on your own rather than depending upon any job.
  3. Halloween

    Halloween New Member

    Well, what exactly are you suggesting? I would appreciate it if u elaborate ur answer a bit more :)
  4. Royaluni

    Royaluni Administrator

    I am suggesting you to learn computer and related subjects based upon your interest. And do something on your own and don't look for the job because IT companies only hire, b.e and MCA professionals. So your chances of getting a good job with a reputed company are quite less. I don't want to discourage you but that's the reality. But nevertheless, if you can learn and do something on your own, then chances of your success are fair.
  5. Nicol Williams

    Nicol Williams New Member

    There are many hardware and networking courses in India which you can do
    Thee are many distance courses in INDIA
  6. king

    king New Member

    my suggestion choices a Web designing certification course.
  7. malaka dev

    malaka dev New Member

    Hi friend,
    my suggestion joint PHP certification course.
  8. devena

    devena New Member

    Hi, i think you are very much interested in computers so my suggestion is learn web designing with SEO then you will be having good career. I know one seo trainer she is very good in seo, if you want i'll give her number.
  9. devena

    devena New Member

    If you want to go in programming then visit this website maybe useful
  10. Bean7

    Bean7 New Member

  11. Sagarika Pandey

    Sagarika Pandey New Member

    As per your query, I'll also go with many other's suggestion that you should do something your own like photo editing, animation workshop and other such career. Since you're just 8th pass person it's a tough task to get any normal and related job in a reputed firm. So my advice is to be an expert in whatsoever you're learning and start your your own business or institute to train some fresh mind. If you are ready to complete your left academic study, then you may have some more opportunities like be a professional in any organization.

    You knowledge of Graphics and Animation suggest that you should must try in the field of Web designing or Graphic Designing after completion of your left education by joining any open school program like National Open School in India.
  12. luckysoni773

    luckysoni773 New Member

    Hey first of all i would suggest you to grab a graduation degree because in this present world graduation is must if you want to grow in your field if you know what i mean.
    One more thing you can go for animation too but for that you must study further as a B.Sc in multimedia all the best!!!
    you can even find latest government bank jobs 2014 here. all the best
  13. mrlabodi

    mrlabodi New Member

  14. zaman black

    zaman black New Member

    Hi My suggestion is if you have any idea about programing then try to learn web language like visual basic from some org. You can try this site for info Computer Engineering Salary
  15. Education2jobs

    Education2jobs New Member

  16. Aamair Khan

    Aamair Khan New Member

    You may also go for Digital Marketing Training. You can search on job portal the demand of digital marketing professionals is high as per today's marketing perspective. Because the next upcoming era is going to digitalized and demand of digital marketing professionals will increase in few years. So my advice to you is that you must have to join any digital marketing institute near you for learnining online marketing skills.
  17. Western Academy

    Western Academy New Member

  18. Maharishi Markandeshwar Deemed to be University is Top University in India and offered 200+ courses diploma courses, graduate courses, postgraduate courses and doctorate courses. You can check on the website as per your requirements and eligibility criteria.
  19. Jayantikumar_1

    Jayantikumar_1 New Member

    I strongly recommend you to go by your preference and interest. Animation or Graphics Designer are indeed good and popular courses which also have decent perks.
  20. Jayantikumar_1

    Jayantikumar_1 New Member

    I strongly recommend you to go by your preference and interest. Animation or Graphics Designer are indeed good and popular courses which also have decent perks.

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