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List of engineering colleges in Kanpur

Discussion in 'Top Engineering Colleges' started by Royaluni, Dec 4, 2012.

  1. Royaluni

    Royaluni Administrator

    List of engineering colleges in Kanpur;

    • IIT Kanpur, Central University
    • HBTI, UPTU
    • Kanpur Institute of Technology, UPTU
    • Government Central Textile Institute, Kanpur, UPTU
    • National Sugar Institute, Kalyanpur, Kanpur, Central University
    • University Institute of Engineering and Technology, Kanpur University
    • Allen House Institute of Technology, UPTU
    • Government leather Institute, UPTU
    • CLRI, Central University
    • C.S.A. University of Agriculture & Technology, Central University
    • Indian Institute of Pulses Research, Kalyanpur, Kanpur, Central University
    • Institute of Research Development and Training, Central University
    • Maharana Pratap Engineering College, UPTU
    • Maharana Pratap Dental College, UPTU
    • MPEC Management Studies, UPTU
    • Maharana Pratap College of Pharmacy, UPTU
    • Maharana Institute of Professional Studies, UPTU
    • Maharana Pratap College of Management and Information Technology, UPTU
    • Maharana Pratap College of Management and Information Technology, UPTU
    • Bhabha Institute Of Science and Technology, UPTU
    • Bhabha College of engineering, UPTU
    • Bhabha Institute Of technology, UPTU
    • Krishna Institute of Technology, UPTU
    • Krishna Girls Engineering College, UPTU
    • Naraina College Of Engineering & Technology, UPTU
    • Naraian Vidya Peeth Eng. & Mgmt. Institute, UPTU
    • Naraina Vidya Peeth Management Institute, UPTU
    • Banshi College Of Engineering, UPTU
    • Advance Institute of Biotech and Paramedical Sciences College Kanpur, UPTU
    • Vision Institute of Technology-Kanpur, UPTU
    • Vision College of Management, UPTU
    • Institute Of Productivity and Management, UPTU
    • Anubhav Institute of Engineering & Management, UPTU
    • Apollo Institute of Technology, UPTU
    • Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology for Handicapped, UPTU
    • Prabhat Engineering College, UPTU
    • Anubhav Institute Of Engineering And Management, UPTU
    • Pranveer Singh Academy of Technology (PSAT), UPTU
    • Pranveer Singh Institute of Engineering and Technology(PSIT), UPTU
    • Vidya Bhawan College for Engineering Technology, UPTU
    • RAMA Institute of Engineering and Technology, UPTU
    • RAMA Dental College, UPTU
    • Seth Sriniwas Agarwal Institute Of Engineering and Technology, UPTU
    • Virendra Swarup Institute of Computer Studies, UPTU
    • Virendra Swarup Institute of Management, UPTU
    • Axis Business School (ABS), UPTU
    • Axis Institute of Planning and Management (AIPM), UPTU
    • Axis Institute of Fashion Technology (AIFT), UPTU
    • Axis Institute of Architecture (AIA), UPTU
    • Axis Institute of Technology and Science (AITS), UPTU
    • Axis Institute of Technology and Management (AITM), UPTU
    • Deendayal Upadhyaya Institute of Management and Higher Studies, UPTU
    • Dr. Gaur Hari Singhania Institute of Management and Research, UPTU
    • Institute of Business Management, Kanpur University
    • Jagran Institute of Management Kanpur,UPTU
    • College of Management Studies (CMS), UPTU
    • Jagran College of Art, Science and Commerce, UPTU
    • Kanpur Institute Of Management, UPTU
    • Subhash Institute of Software Technology, UPTU
    • S.T.E.P.- H.B.T.I, UPTU
    • ICAI, Central University
    • RAMA Institute of Technology, UPTU
    • United Institute of Designing, UPTU
    • International Institute of Saddlery, Central
    • Dayanand Dinanath College of Management, UPTU
    • NIS Academy, UPTU
    • Rama Institute of Business Studies, UPTU
    • Rama Institute of Pharmacy, UPTU
    • Forest Training Institute, State Government
    • Seth Sriniwas Agarwal College Of Management, UPTU
  2. rappelz

    rappelz Member

    Naraina College Of Engineering & Technology, UPTU
  3. tera gold

    tera gold New Member

    The post is very good,I like it.
  4. rappelz

    rappelz Member

    It's very useful for me, thanks for your sharing.
  5. anil22ece

    anil22ece New Member

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  6. akashram

    akashram New Member

    Great list of engineering colleges in kanpur. It's very useful. Thanks for sharing.

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