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How to Study For NEET At Home

Discussion in 'Prepare for Everything' started by Steve Smith, Jul 20, 2017.

  1. Steve Smith

    Steve Smith New Member

    There are sizeable number of students who are a firm believer in the indispensable role of coaching institutes for qualifying competitive exams like the NEET. Only few, handful, almost negligible number of students take up the sole path of self-study to crack this arduous exam.

    Students should know that ‘not taking coaching’, does not put you necessarily into any disadvantage, Students first step must be to go with NEET Latest Syllabus in order to start the day 1 of there home studies for NEET. The basic rationale behind taking coaching is that it helps students to clarify their concepts and bring into their focus, major areas of syllabus and important facts. Besides, it fits you into a regular rhythm of routine. So, if you are planning to do all these on your own count then you have to be a guide, teacher and master of yourself. Besides you should follow following steps also -

    Set a routine - often students staying at home think that they have more time in their hands to study and start squandering their time. Better, keep a strict schedule to study for 6 - 7 hours everyday.
    Read NCERT Books - you should read NCERT books, especially those of class 11th which plays critical role in laying basic foundation of concepts.
    Buy Good Books - Don’t hesitate to spend money in buying good books to study.
    Set small learning goals - set a weekly target to achieve in all subjects, i.e. Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
    Identify major question areas in Syllabus - with previous years question papers mark such areas in Syllabus from where questions are frequently asked.
    Join online mock test - it will help you to judge your own level of preparation and identify week areas in syllabus.
    Get study materials of coaching institutes - students should get study materials from famous coaching institutes like Aakash and Allen. It will help you to focus on important topics from an examination point of view, give you important facts, formula and figures in an encapsulated form.

    These tips will help you to easily wade your solo-boat through the troubled waters of this competitive NEET Exam.
  2. raji96

    raji96 Member

    Can you share some interesting tips to prepare consistently for the examination
  3. jyoti das

    jyoti das Member

    • Know the syllabus well. Even before you embark on the actual theory, spend a good amount of time understanding the syllabus.
    • Follow a time-table. Time-table helps you plan and stick to your study routine.
    • Mock tests.
    • Stay sincere to self.
    • Work on weaker topics.
    • De-stress yourself.
    • Be positive.
    The countdown has begun for the entrance exam of NEET 2020. As per the decision of the exam authorities, NEET 2020 will be conducted on 3rd May, Sunday this year. With a little time in our hand, we thought that it will be very helpful if you got some last minute preparation tips for NEET 2020. While preparing for India's biggest medical entrance exam, there is not only the pressure of course or syllabus. There is also the pressure of continuous anxiety. It is okay to worry about your studies. But do not let the exam fear take over you. Thinking of your situation, we at have pointed out some important points for you.

    These last minute tips are from the experts and previous toppers which will help you to give the final push without being worn out. As the All India Rank (AIR) One holder in AIPMT (now NEET) of 2015, Vipul Garg said, "Success comes only with hard work and perseverance". He focussed on the areas he was weak in on the last some days to the exam. He also said that he continued working on his strong areas more and more. Furthermore, he kept on revising chapters and clarify his concepts of the already studied topics.
    Taking care of your health, revising over and over, practicing questions and mock tests are the top priorities for the students in the last days. As per the experts say, revising topics which you have already completed is the most important routine you should follow up on the last days. Here are some bullet points to get you through the transition.

    Read more : NEET UG : Best Tips You Should Follow Last Minute To Secure High.

    Hope this answer will help you
    Good luck!

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