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How to revise NEET syllabus in one month??

Discussion in 'CBSE/PMT Preparation' started by Arun Khatri, Jan 2, 2018.

  1. Arun Khatri

    Arun Khatri New Member

    The syllabus of NEET is huge and is nearly impossible for some fresher to cover up the entire syllabus in just one month.

    For the folks who have already started their preparations for NEET months ago, you can cover up the syllabus for your revision purpose by following the steps given below:

    1. Since, its the last month, so increase your time for studying. If you are taking 3 hours for bathing, breakfast and all, make it 1 hour.
    2. Stay away from trying new topics. You have to stay on the topics which you practised. And don't compare yourself with others. What others are studying etc.etc.
    3. Memorize all the NCERT books of all the subjects. After that go for the topics which you think are hard for you, use good books for in-depth knowledge and concepts.
    4. Last, practice as many questions you can, Not any questions, practice quality questions. Solve all the previous year questions. It is mandatory.
    Hope this will help..!!

    Best of luck..!!
  2. Mayur Patil

    Mayur Patil New Member

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