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Entrance exam books: the key to success

Discussion in 'Top Engineering Colleges' started by edunest, Sep 15, 2012.

  1. edunest

    edunest New Member

    Entrance exams are one of the key aspects of everyone’s academic career. Somewhere down the line we all have been a part of some or the other entrance exam.
    Entrance tests have now become an integral part, right from when a kindergartener enters school and goes on till degrees of higher orders like a Ph.D or an M.Phil. The most helpful resort when it comes to a comprehensive approach to exam preparation are entrance exam books. From engineering exams to medical clearance ,from civil services to CAT and MATs all have their key to success within those bind papers. Along with relevant knowledge and wisely distributed chapters with points to remember, these preparation books make themselves extremely important. Usually they are updated every year with the last years sample papers for reference.
    Entrance books are mostly sought before when a few months remain for exams to happen as they prove to be very helpful for revision. The approach might differ for different exams and also might differ from one individual’s approach to others. Some engineering aspirants refer books from the beginning and try solving questions immediately after covering up a certain topic. And simultaneously solve all possible types that have appeared in previous years. Others might want to refer to them once after they have had completed the entire syllabus and are ready with all the topics. This process might differ for others. Among the famous examinations that persist in our country are CAT, AIEEE, IIT-JEE, CLAT, TOEFL, UPSC, NDA, MEE etc. Some preparatory materials become the only source of information and cover up the entire syllabus in a comprehensive and easy to read manner. Exams like CLAT are based on the legal infrastructure in the country and deals with laws that are a part of the longest written constitution of the world. In such cases, these entrance books play a crucial role and hence prove very beneficial for the students. These books help guide these students to pay attention to certain areas and outline the important segments.
    The sample papers and question banks which these books provide prove very helpful for the aspirants as it helps them have a grasp on time and accuracy. It gives them an idea as to what their current speed of attempting questions is and to improve it in the remaining time. Students sitting for papers which employ negative markings find such practice to be very helpful in improving their speed in attempting maximum questions in the limited time slot and reducing negatives. These entrance exam books are a new venture and did not exist in the full fledged form as now. But even though they were not an integral part of the screening processes earlier, they have now become indispensible. The experiences of successful candidates who have had great help from these books definitely hint that these books have conditioned themselves entirely according to the examination system. The catch here is which of the available entrance books should one refer to? It should be a strategized decision on books recommended either by a faculty or a senior, or the ones that are highly followed and recommended by a reliable educational website.

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  2. tkkrupak

    tkkrupak New Member

    The most helpful resort when it comes to a comprehensive approach to exam preparation are entrance exam books. I would thinking to uploading my resume at jobofmine very soon and hope to get my desired job. Thanks!
  3. abhishek0987

    abhishek0987 Member

    Thank you for sharing such type of information. These are very help full information for everyone. Keep sharing this type of information.
  4. akashram

    akashram New Member

    Thanks for sharing the great information. It's very useful.
  5. akashraj

    akashraj New Member

    Great useful information. Thanks for sharing.

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