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engineering colleges in chennai

Discussion in 'Top Engineering Colleges' started by universe, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. universe

    universe New Member

    can someone suggest engineering colleges in chennai. Admission time is coming so it will help a lot of people.
  2. Reg_123

    Reg_123 New Member

    thats right, after march everyone will start searching for colleges, if information is in hand, it will help.
  3. asathya

    asathya New Member

    It sounds good. It will assist for all twelth completed students to get to know which is the good college in chennai to start their education with.
  4. Anu Sharma

    Anu Sharma New Member

    If you got best score in IIT joint entrance exam then you will get admission in IIT Madras or SSN college of Engineering is also good to star your education.
  5. dpgitm

    dpgitm New Member

    It appears to be excellent. It will guide for all twelth finished learners to get to know which is the excellent higher education in chennai to begin the amount and learning with.
  6. tera gold

    tera gold New Member

    oh,sorry,i can't help you for this.
  7. indiaedu

    indiaedu New Member

  8. agnicollege

    agnicollege New Member

    Best Engineering Colleges in Chennai Under Anna University

    Agni college is one of the top engineering colleges in Chennai under Anna University. The Department of Training & Placements functions tirelessly and endeavors to provide job opportunities keeping in mind the students preference and strengths.

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