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Business Analysis questions and discussions

Discussion in 'Business Analysis' started by admin, Apr 10, 2018.

  1. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    please post your business analysis questions and queries here.
  2. ramba

    ramba New Member

    Hello everyone, could anybody guide me on where cud I gather domain knowledge on banking and capital markets required for business analyst position?
    Thanking in advance
  3. akhi

    akhi New Member

    Hi Ramba, best source of domain experience is work experience. So if you have worked in any banking or capital market company, that is your source of domain experience. If you have not worked then you should try to do 2 things;
    1. Target BA jobs
    2. Try to get some certifications in banking & capital markets.

    Let me know if you have any question.
  4. ramba

    ramba New Member

    Thank you for the response.
    Any certifications do u suggest for banking and capital markets acceptable for BA positions?
  5. akhi

    akhi New Member

    Do you have any work experience? If no, can you share your current educational background.
  6. ramba

    ramba New Member

    I have done MBA in Marketing and IT with graduation in IT.. Shall share profile.
  7. ramba

    ramba New Member

    Hello Guruji,
    Do u think it is appropriate enrolling into this course to gather domain knowledge only from the perspective of cracking interview? At this time as I am focused on getting a job and hence restricting my view only towards cracking interview..

    Kindly let me know your views
  8. akhi

    akhi New Member

    I am not aware of this so can't vouch for it but domain knowledge/experience is usually different than academic course. You can't push the domain experience unless you have worked in that domain and there are very few chances that IT company will hire you as BA only because if you have done academic course unless it is a full time degree like MBA, MCOM etc.

    So you should first target domain where you already have experience. Play with your strength and then keep looking for jobs in your preferred domain, if you get it it's good but either you need experience as BA or domain experts. Right now your chances are better to target BA role based on your existing domain experience. Once you have experience as BA, your chances of switching to different domain as BA will go up.
  9. akhi

    akhi New Member

    Just to add in this, you can refer to desired courses for learning which is a good thing because learning will always add value to your skill set.
  10. ramba

    ramba New Member

    Hello sir , what will be the right answer to the question.. That what shal be ur a day today activities as business analyst?
    Could u give a brief for the same.
  11. vikas sharma

    vikas sharma Member

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