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Berkeley EPM vs UCLA PGPX

Discussion in 'Top Management Colleges' started by admin, Dec 12, 2019.


Berkeley EPM vs UCLA PGPX

  1. Berkeley EPM


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  1. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    I have been receiving lot of questions around berkeley EPM i.e. Executive program for management & UCLA PGPX- Post Graduate Program In Management for Executives. That's why i am adding these this table of topics covered by these courses.

    This is based on the course calendar available on the course's website and may change in future.

    Idea is the communicate that coming from these top universities, you shouldn't worry about the quality of the content or brand name of these universities. Berkeley is usually ranked higher than UCLA but that doesn't mean that UCLA is not recognized or the course is bad.

    In fact, if you compare the course calendar, you will realize that UCLA PGPX has around 30 days of classroom sessions, 2 in delhi, 2 in bangalore & 2 in UCLA campus in California, USA.

    But in case of Berkely PM, it is slightly less. I don't remember it exactly but somewhere around 20 days.

    Therefore, when you are selecting a course, pay attention to these details and most importantly curriculum.

    UCLA Anderson PGPX - Post Graduate Program In Management for Executives

    • Management communication

    • case analysis

    • strategy framework

    • global and corporate strategy
    • birkman assesment method
    • leadership
    • communicating for impact
    • branding & marketing
    • CV & linkedin profile
    • case exercise
    • data and decision
    • personal leadership
    • financial accounting
    • managerial accounting
    • Macro economics
    • hypothesis based problem solving
    • case exercise 3
    • corporate finance
    • valuation modeling
    • venture capital
    • private equity
    • Merger & acquisition
    • creativity & innovation through improvisation
    • strategic business leadership
    • UCLA case competition
    • business analytics
    • personal leadership
    • operations
    • entrepreneurship
    • innovation
    • venture initiation
    • venture capital
    • private equity
    • digital business transformation
    • legal aspect
    • business plan development
    • demo day
    • persuasion & influence
    • negotiation
    • decision making
    • finance
    • business simulation
    • finals of case study
    Berkeley EPM- Berkeley Executive Program in Management

    • Negotiation
    • using data
    • organizational dynamics
    • matrix organization
    • creating teams
    • influence & persuasion
    • leading group exercise
    • leader as coach
    • develop talent
    • effective leadership
    • design thinking
    • innovation cycle
    • design road-map
    • customer focused design
    • business model canvas
    • innovation process
    • business model
    • prototype & products
    • pricing strategies and mechanism
    • new product pricing
    • segmentation
    • targeting
    • positioning
    • product life cycle
    • product portfolio planning
    • strategic financial management
    • strategies, performance
    • operational, financing & investment decisions
    • value creation, valuation and future financial performance
    • cost allocation and strategic project
    • performance evaluation
    • incentive designs
    • leading innovative change
    • introduction to innovation
    • introduction to innovative leadership
    • idea generation
    • business model canvas
    • customer focused experimentation
    • internally focused experimentation
    • leading innovative change
    • competing & winning in dynamic economics
    • industry structure and analysis
    • corporate strategy
    • strategic planning
    • competitive strategy
    • growth strategies
  2. Royaluni

    Royaluni Administrator

    i think ucla pgpx is better because you get more classroom sessions and ucla anderson alumni status. I don't think Berkeley is offering full alumuni status for epm students.

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