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Are you eligible for the lectureship program after completing MBA?

Discussion in 'Top Management Colleges' started by Rahul Sharma123, Dec 21, 2018.

  1. Hello

    Most of the candidates completes MBA program for making career in the Business Administration. Well the field is good in terms of career but many of them have interest in the Teaching field. As the working environment in the teaching field is very good as well as the salary and other benefits are also good.

    Is this possible to work as a lecturer after completing MBA and being working professional?

    Yes, it is possible. For this you need to appear in the UGC NET and SET Exam conducted every year for the post graduate aspirants. If you are also a working professional and completed MBA, you can make career in the lectureship program.

    To prepare for the UGC NET Exam you can prepare by doing self-preparation or by the Online coaching institute such as Eduncle, TCY Online and VPM Classes. They provide

    Complete guidance for UGC NET

    Set of Question Papers

    Full theory foe each topic

    Previous year question Papers

    Model Test papers

    The UGC NET Exam is conducted every year you can also prepare for this exam and crack to make career in research as well as Lectureship.
  2. Yes, it is possible. Most of the Universities or Colleges allow candidates who complete the MBA program.
  3. jyoti das

    jyoti das Member


    Yes, you can. Two ways to do it. Enroll for PhD, so you can pursue PhD and also teach or clear NAT/SAT examination and join as lecturer. Later on you can enroll for PhD program.

    Read also here : How to prepare for GMAT Exam 2019?

    Hope the answer will help you

    Good Luck!

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