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5 Fun Classroom Activities for Primary School Students

Discussion in 'Top Schools' started by ankit kohli, Jan 9, 2020.

  1. ankit kohli

    ankit kohli New Member

    Can an indoor game of ‘Snakes & Ladder’ or ‘aim the target’ be used in teaching students in a class? Surprisingly, yes. Education, despite being a serious business, need to be imparted through fun classroom activities especially for primary class students. A teacher uses several innovative teaching methods to educate the kids who just want to have fun in their classes.

    Even a well experienced and highly qualified teacher finds himself/ herself in a jiff where it gets difficult to control a super energetic bunch of kids in a classroom. Teacher may not know how to make a group of primary class students pay attention in the class. Few innovative teaching methods based on zero-investment concept enhance learning through games in the classroom. Let’s take a look at 5 fun classroom activities for primary students that can be implemented in schools across the globe:

    1. Oral cricket in class:

    Cricket is a global sport loved and watched by one and all. Ask anyone about his or her favourite game, the majority would say – cricket is their favourite game. The little ones are no different. The students of primary classes always respond enthusiastically at the mention of playing cricket. This innovative teaching idea is just a little different from the normal cricket. This is oral cricket for primary class student.

    Through this fun game, teacher can teach all subjects. The method of playing the game remains same. The teacher divides the class into two groups. The team asking the question are the bowlers and the team who answers them are the batsmen. For every correct answer, the batsmen earn a run each. Quick answers are considered as sixer and the answer within 2-3 seconds of asking a question is considered as 4 runs. The students who give wrong answer are declared out. Teacher can utilize this innovative teaching idea for revision of a chapter of any subject.

    2. Snakes & Ladders:

    The most common game played in every household in India and also in many countries is – Ludo and Snakes & Ladders. This is an ideal activity for primary class students who prefer learning through games in the classroom.

    In this fun classroom activity for primary students, snakes & ladder game can be painted or simply drawn with chalk on the floor of classroom. The teacher picks up a chapter to be taught or revised and makes two groups in the class. Each student gets a chance to play the game only when she/ he answers the question picked from the box. If the child answers correctly, he or she may throw the dice. The steps remain the same for the next group. During the game, students enjoy being bitten by virtual snakes of the game and get delighted on getting a chance to climb the ladder. This way the game proceeds. The team that reaches the end of the game that is on number 100 is declared the winner. This fun classroom activity is a popular and innovative teaching technique.

    3. Tambola:

    Fun classroom activities for primary students include incorporation of popular in-house games like Tambola. Interactions and actions are the two key points that should be kept in considerations while managing the class of primary class students. Either the teacher adopts interactive activities or action activities, kids are sure to enjoy and learn thoroughly in the classes.

    In Tambola game, students learn difficult concepts of Mathematics in a joyful manner. Similar to the normal game, this game for classroom is played for lines, corners, full house, etc. The only difference is that students do not play for earning money rather they play for gaining knowledge. The students learn about different numbers and their properties. Like the person picking the chits picks a number and announces – the only number which is prime. The students mark number 2 on their personal chits and this is how the game continues.

    4. Aim the Target:

    The stereotypical way of teaching the students creates apathy for subjects. Often students refer to classrooms as boring rooms and many a times refrain from attending school too. This is majorly due to the conventional teaching methods of the teacher. But nowadays, the situations have changed and so have our pro-active teachers. Inspired by ZIIEI’s idea of promoting zero investment based teaching solutions, many teachers are aiming at converting their classrooms into a zone of happy, content and energetic learners. Advocating learning through games, these teachers are customizing popular games that grab eyeballs from every corner of the class.

    This innovative idea in teaching revolves around the famous game of through a ring around your choice of product. According to the activity ‘aim the target’, the teacher tells students that they get a chance to throw a ring around the bottle if they answer the question correctly. This fun classroom activities is applicable for all the classes and all the subjects. For the students of primary classes, teacher may ask students to recite a poem/ give an answer/ speak the numeric table/ add a punctuation mark in a sentence. On replying accurately to the question, the students win a chance to throw a ring around a water bottle. The ring for the activity can be made from old newspapers tied in a circle shape. Successful attempts at throwing the ring can be appreciated by giving toffees or small stationery items like pencils or pens.

    5. Dumb Charades:

    A fun-filled activity, dumb charades is an easy game that surely attracts and entices students of all age groups. Played in groups, this innovative classroom teaching method can be used for teaching various subjects. This joyful way of learning keeps students’ engaged in the classroom.

    According to this activity, a student from each team enacts a terminology without uttering a word and the rest of his/ her teammates are asked to guess the term. This game is very beneficial for students of primary classes who like to learn different subjects/concepts in fun manner. The innovative idea of teaching through dumb charade games encourages students to prepare themselves in advance for the game.

    Kids study hard to ensure that their team do not loose out on even a single point in the game.

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